BBC – BBC India election train

BBC –  BBC India election train 

Campaign Overview:

The BBC’s India Election Train and its team of journalists were on a three week journey across India for reporting to the world, in 12 languages, across 14 BBC services. They investigated the stories and personalities behind India’s forthcoming election.


Announcement of intent:  Releases across the India.

Buzz stories

Pre event release dissemination in particular cities and surrounding villages.

Press Conference in particular city.

Media invite to witness the unique train.

Post event release in particular city.

Interview lineup for Journalists travelling in the train.

Post campaign release dissemination across India.


The results achieved for the BBC’s India Election Train

2250+ articles appeared across the country including all top publications.

It was the signatory event of our as well as BBC India which set both at glorious heights.

Client testimonials

“Well, I would say that I would not like to work with any other agency even if they were paying me for it! It has been a great partnership and I hope it carries on!” 
Vidhu Aul, BBC

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