Vineet Bhatt
Corporate Social Responsibilities
Apart from providing various services to clients, PR 24×7 Network Limited is also doing social services, as a part of its commitment to corporate social responsibilities. The company from the foundation year decided to concentrate upon minimum one initiation every year. Following initiations have been done till now :
Year – 2006 : Birds need your help this summer !
We have seen that how the poor birds fly above our homes in hot season in search of grains and water. We prepared 2500+ water pots made of soil (Sakora) and distributed the same to equal houses with packets of 250 gms. Jowar with a request to install pots at terrace or balcony of houses. The initiation gave peace to thousands of hungry and thirsty birds.  
Year – 2007 : Water hut (Pyau)
Company installed a water hut out side the premises of head office at Indore in summer season. More than 15 big water pots are being placed for drinking cold water, every summer.
Year – 2008 : Helping underprivileged girls for education
Company adopted 35+ underprivileged girls for higher education and committed to make their access to college level minimum. It bears expenses including school fee, books, stationery, normal uniform, winter uniforms, and more.
Year – 2009 : Autism
Autism, a severely incapacitating life long, developmental disorder that typically occurs in first three years of life. It causes impairment or disturbance in three main areas, social skills, communication skills and in their repetitive and restricted behaviors.
A child affected by autism, needs utmost care, particularly by his parents. Unfortunately, no medicine or treatment has been devised so for perfect treatment of an autistic. PR 24×7 Network Ltd. Initiated steps to assist autistics and their family in following ways :
  • Identification of autistics of Indore and creating record .
  • Made panel of doctors to treat autistics without fees and cost of medicines.
  • Approached police department to help autistics if found on roads.
  • Periodical inter actions with autistics and their parents to ascertain developments.
Year – 2010 : Assistance to needy senior citizens by providing grocery
We identified 30+ senior citizens who were starving and there was no one to take care of them. Our company started providing them grocery every month and the process is in continuation till now.
Year – 2011 : Day care center
We have been studying activities of senior citizens right from the inception of company. Our team made discreet enquiries with 100+ senior citizens of Indore city and the findings were quite alarming. Most of the elderly persons were found without aim of life, post retirement from service or business. The ignorance from own family members was also a cause of concern. We therefore launched a Day care centre at Mahadev Totla Nagar, east Indore which is open to all senior citizens of the city.
Year – 2012 : Free medicines distribution by mobile van “Main Hoon Naa
Company launched a mobile van “Main Hoon Naa” with a view to distribute free medicines to patients of slum localities of the city. Services of physicians were also extended free of fees. The initiation received tremendous response from the affected persons.

The second Day care center of the city was started at Sarvasampanna Nagar Indore, where all facilities provided at first center were available to senior citizens of the city.

Year – 2013 : Year 2013- Indian Senior Citizen Award 2013
After reviewing roles of senior citizens in making the society an ideal place of living for all, we have decided to honor such elderly persons, who have done meritorious work for betterment of humanity and surroundings. We organized an award competition “Indian Senior Citizen Award 2013” which was open to all 60+ senior citizens of the country. The competition received unbelievable response and now winners are to be honored in a ceremony scheduled to be held in December 2013.

Day care centers are still running  

Year – 2014 : Indian Senior Citizen Award 2014
Riding on the success of ISC 2013, company is determined to organize Indian senior citizen award 2014. All necessary arrangements including making available nomination forms to senior citizens, finalization of jury members, event date, venue, publicity etc. will be done well in time.