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Media Monitoring and Research Services in India
Our hallmark lies in keeping an eye on your competitors and actively observing consumer behavior by consistently monitoring print media and electronic media.
Are you a business man who is perturbed and about to fail in his business? Are you a corporate experiencing immense pressure of rising competition in the market? Aren’t you satisfied with your company’s results despite of making colossal efforts? Do not worry anymore! PR 24×7 Network Limited has solutions to all your problems.      
Media Monitoring
The media monitoring team of PR 24×7 Network Limited monitors newspapers, periodicals, and online site based on the keywords related to our clients and their respective sectors. Intelligence tracking of client and industry reportage keeps our clients abreast with worthy information on a daily basis.
Why Monitoring?
Let me take you back in the school days when monitor was supposed to be a left hand for teachers in schools. He was placed in an authority to help keep discipline; or a person who gives advice or admonishes at right time. With the course of time, the burden of books and stationeries, the custom of placement of monitor disappeared somewhere long back at schools, but eventually entered the business segment.

In the world of business monitoring allows you to assess about the new and emerging threats. These threats are generally seen in the form of new competitors storming into the market or any existing competitor planning to merge with or takeover another firm in the same industry.

We are always at your fingertips helping you to monitor information related to you and your business. We understand your busy schedules and paucity of time to go through different news appearing in print or online media related to your business.

At the same time we realize your urgency and need to analyze the movements of your competitors. thus in such a scenario when it becomes vital for you to monitor and keep an eye on news reporting about you, we are here at your service to monitor your as well your competitors activities.

Our research team analyzes the reportage to provide information about the positioning/ image of our clients in print and online media. The key functions of research team encompasses of assigning tonality to the news pieces and editorials, measuring the impact of PR activities, analyzing the trend and comparing the positioning of clients’ brand with its competitors.

Salient features of media monitoring services: monthly media analysis dossier, press release impact report, industry newsletters and quarterly reports, our team helps the clients to develop the right strategy to overcome the challenges they face across media